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WDLC Express LLC has a wide range of trucking services that transport the goods by trucks, which is the next destination from the port and drayage. Our trucking services may vary depending on the needs of our clients, considering certain types of cargo, such as refrigerated goods, oversized loads, hazardous materials, and more. We handle the coordination of the shipment of goods from one location to another and across the country, especially from the United States to the Dominican Republic.

Air Ride Equipped Trucks

We have air-ride-equipped trucks that provide suspension for heavy loads, which results in a smoother and more consistent ride. Since the trailer cargo floats on a cushion of air, it minimizes the wear and tear on the truck, which is essential for safety. This way, you can depend on us when it comes to managing heavy equipment.

Roller Bed Equipped Trailer

WDLC Express LLC has roller bed-equipped trailers that are used for transporting heavy and oversized equipment. The roller system is a quick and safe solution to offload air cargo pallets and air freight containers. It provides a safe environment during the unloading and loading of goods.

Less Than Container Load

WDLC Express LLC offers less-than-container load services that deliver your cargo in smaller quantities. It’s more economical for shippers and customers since it combines delivery with other orders. If you don’t have to fill a container with your orders, you can choose a less-than-container load that will save resources and costs. LCL is also a good option if you are starting a business venture.

Full Container Load

Full container load or FCL is when the client’s goods are transported in a filled and sealed container. Additionally, it is exclusively used for a single shipment. When you want to transport large volumes of freight or cargo, full container load shipping is the most convenient option, especially for importers and exporters. It is a preferred choice by large retail chains and businesses.

Full Trailer Load

Here at WDLC Express LLC, we have full trailer load services where cargo is moved on the road until it reached its final destination. Our high-quality trucks and trailers are equipped with great features and are well-maintained, making sure that your goods and commodities are secured and safe from pick-up, tracking, and delivery, until they reached their desired location or local market.


Reefers, also known as refrigerated containers, are used for commodities that must be transported at a controlled temperature. Perishable items and goods, such as fresh or frozen foods, pharmaceutical products, and milk and dairy products, are often transported in a reefer container. At WDLC Express LLC, our high-quality freezer trucks and warehouses preserve the quality of your perishable items and goods at a specific temperature.

Hazardous Materials

When it comes to shipments of hazardous materials, safety regulations should be observed, which is why WDLC Express LLC provides the appropriate containers and vehicles for these materials. Our logistic experts will carefully handle hazardous materials, ensuring their entirety while it’s being shipped or transported

Our experts at WDLC Express LLC ensure that the goods are shipped and delivered to their final destination, whether it’s a retail store, a distribution center, a customer’s doorstep, or the local market.

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